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The only stretching partner you'll ever need!

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What People Say!

It helps with your Posture!

It's A Great Stretch!


Whats students at Students of  MTSU  Say!


“This is Awesome!.”

My daughter and I have used the Isomaxx for 8 years now. With me having neuropathy in my legs. Isomaxx keeps them in a good condition and when my daughter was hit by a car the Isomaxx helped her enhance her rehabilitation with her right leg. I recommend this to anyone young or old. Just saying

Robin Crawford

Tyler Laney


“It Feels Great!.”

I have been using the Isomaxx since 1994. I still try to use it everyday! About 14 months ago, I tore my Rectus femoris muscle (quad) completely in half! I made the decision, for good or bad to not get surgery and rehab it myself, even after doctors said I would never kick again if I did this. On the 3rd month of my recovery I turned to the Isomaxx for help! Not only did flexibility start to slowing come back in that leg, it started to get stronger too! I am once again kicking and I contribute alot of that to the Isomaxx! Get one today, you will be glad you did!! ~ Guro Biily Brown, school owner

Order Your Isomaxx Today!

I've been using the IsoMaxx for thirty years. I thats kept me flexible and fast all the way up to my current age of 50! The two photos were taken within the past year. I highly recommend the this product to anyone of any sport to help "keep you in the game" and to help unlock your tight back, hips and legs!

Master Randy Edwards

8th Degree Black Belt

Steve Young 

Comfortable and relaxed with hundreds of

single leg or double leg positions!

Atlanta ChoongSil

We love our Isomaxx!   World of difference. 

We use anywhere we go.

Kelly  I LOVE my Isomaxx!

Casey Melton

Before I started using the Isomax, doing or even attempting the spits was not an option... It actually hurt to stretch, but now with the Isomax, I can push myself harder and farther than I would of imagined... It lets you get that deep stretch without the pain...My posture, my kicks, and my balance have improved leaps and bounds... I can honestly say I will never go without mine.... Thank you Master Brad Whitlow!!!

I Love My Isomaxx!

At 58 years old, I know my muscles need to stay stretced, I do that so I can continue to perform my Taekwondo patterns and keep kicking head level. My Isomaxx is what helps me do this, I've known Master Whitlow for over 30 Years and he has engineered the Isomaxx to perfectio. It's his baby,

Stay healthy!!

Sr. Master Terry Brumley

8th Degree Black Belt

Order Your Isomaxx Today!

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