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The only stretching partner you'll ever need!

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Achieve Flexibility Without the Pain or Hassle - Isomaxx Has Got Your Back.

Tired of struggling with back pain and limited flexibility? Discover the power of Isomaxx, your ultimate solution for achieving unparalleled flexibility and preventing injuries.


Why Isomaxx?

  •  Say Goodbye to Pain: Design to relieve pressure off your back and knees so you no longer experience painful stretching positions.

  •  Perfect Stretching Partner: Take control of your flexibility journey. No more relying on others for assistance.

  •  Compact Design, Maximum Convenience: Our portable strap fits effortlessly into any bag, ensuring you can achieve your goals anytime, anywhere.

Ready to make stretching easier?


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Casey Melton -

"Before I started using the Isomax, doing or even attempting the spits was not an option... It actually hurt to stretch, but now with the Isomax, I can push myself harder and farther than I would of imagined... It lets you get that deep stretch without the pain...My posture, my kicks, and my balance have improved leaps and bounds... I can honestly say I will never go without mine.... Thank you Master Brad Whitlow!!!"

30 Day Money Back Guarantee



It also helps balance muscle groups that might be overused during exercise or

physical activity or as a result of bad posture.

Stretching is crucial for every sport or fitness activity; and too many people neglect

this part of their workout.

Stretching exercises should be performed after you warm-up and again during your

cool-down to increase flexibility and minnimize the chances of pulling or tearing muscles.

Flexiblity also increases your agility and balance. As an added benefit, Isomaxx stretching

is an excellent relaxation technique.

Receive 23% off your first order by clicking Yes, Add To My Order

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