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The only stretching partner you'll ever need!

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Who hasn't been impressed by the leaping, twisting athlete or the movements of a martial artist? What if I told you that by stretching 10 minutes a day you could attain levels of flexibility you never thought possible? It's True!


This is our promise:

No matter your age or current level of physical fitness, you will benefit from the Isomaxx!

Just 10 Minutes a Day!


The Isomaxx is portable. It will easily fit into your gym bag, suitcase, brief case, etc .... Use it anywhere, home, school, gym, office.... The Isomaxx will relax and loosen tired, sore muscles while promoting good posture and improving breathing.

Master Brad Whitlow

9th Degree Black Belt

Inventor of the Isomaxx

Grow Strong and Flexibile like

Bamboo my Friends! 

Order Your Isomaxx Today!

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