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The only stretching partner you'll ever need!

What Our Customers Are Saying

At Isomaxx, we take pride in the positive impact our stretching strap has on our customers' lives. Here are some of their stories:

I have been using the Isomaxx since 1994. I still try to use it everyday! About 14 months ago, I tore my Rectus femoris muscle (quad) completely in half! I made the decision, for good or bad to not get surgery and rehab it myself, even after doctors said I would never kick again if I did this. On the 3rd month of my recovery I turned to the Isomaxx for help! Not only did flexibility start to slowing come back in that leg, it started to get stronger too! I am once again kicking and I contribute alot of that to the Isomaxx! Get one today, you will be glad you did!! ~ Guro Biily Brown, school owner.

Comfortable and relaxed with hundreds of single leg or double leg positions. - Steve Young

Before I started using the Isomax, doing or even attempting the spits was not an option... It actually hurt to stretch, but now with the Isomax, I can push myself harder and farther than I would of imagined... It lets you get that deep stretch without the pain...My posture, my kicks, and my balance have improved leaps and bounds... I can honestly say I will never go without mine.... Thank you Master Brad Whitlow!!! - Casey Melton

I've been using the IsoMaxx for thirty years. I thats kept me flexible and fast all the way up to my current age of 50! The two photos were taken within the past year. I highly recommend the this product to anyone of any sport to help "keep you in the game" and to help unlock your tight back, hips and legs! - Master Randy Edwards

Using the Isomaxx for stretching has been part of my regimen for nearly 25 years. I recommend it highly. The designer of the Isomaxx has shown the beauty of being flexible. Dr. D

I have been using isomaxx for a year and it has made rehabilitation of my hamstring much more bearable. There are also many different exercises that help improve flexibility using this product. I love it! I will be continuing use!

The isomaxx is a device I’ve owned over 30 yrs now. I’ve owned several and still have the original one as these last forever. As a dojo owner and practitioner of martial arts over 34 yrs I can’t think of a better stretching device. You can do multiple types of stretches on these. I have never had one break. It’s a must!!

The Isomaxx is an efficient and effective stretching tool. It's an easy to transport & affordable option for anyone interested in increasing their flexibility.

I have been using an Isomaxx for the past 30 years. Such a great piece of equipment to keep in your gear bag and be able to get a good stretch anytime at the gym or at home. I use mine a lot watching TV. Its a must and for any martial artist or just anyone concerned about increasing hamstring and lower extremity flexibility. As a physical therapist for 15 years I can say that a great deal of low back pain is associated with hamstring tightness and limited flexability. Orders your today you won’t regret it!!!

The Isomaxx has tremendously helped me with maintaining my flexibility, while training in the martial arts and fitness. Anyone that is serious about their training, whether for martial arts, sports, or just staying fit, I encourage them to get this apparatus; because stretching is very essential in achieving one’s fitness goals. I highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to increase their flexibility to improve with their longevity in health and fitness.

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Only Stretching Partner You Need.

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